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                  Bofine textile co.,ltd. is the backbone company in China. The dominant products are environmental yarn and fabric, functional yarn and fabric, differential fiber yarn and fabric, special yarn, high quality apparel fabric and other new textile products.

                  Bofine gets the certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. The new products such as bamboo fiber products, soybean fiber products, PLA fiber products, chitosan fiber products and modal fiber products are in the top level of textile industry in China. Bofine fulfils the management philosophy – one hundred deduct one is zero, doing small things best and adequately, meticulously makes competitive products.

                  Bofine takes the enterprise culture of surpassing ourselves, striving for the best, insists in the value of perfection, honesty, novelty, pursues the management idea of attention to details, implement completely, to supply most excellent products.